Getting in touch with shadchanim is your first step in the yeshivish shidduch process. So, unless your the son of a Rosh Yeshiva, or famous Magid Shiur, or Gvir, the more famous shadchanim you get in touch with the better.

There are many diffirant shadchannim; Each deals – for the most part – with a specific oilam. For example, from what we understand, and is totally not verified, Reb Shloime Lewinstein and Reb Tzadok Katz deal with more of the yeshivish shidduchim. While Reb Freddy deals with more of the balebatish ones.

We would like to provide to the Oilam Hashidduchim a comprehensive list of shadchanim and their contact info. To see the list click here:

See Shadchanim List