If your new to shidduchim, or even if you are a veteran but haven’t gone on a long parsha, your’e probably trying to figure out the pegisha puzzle. From where to go and what to do on each date, getting it down pat can be quite dizzying. You wish there was a chart that you could use that showed you examples of other peoples parsha.

So you ask your older brother or younger uncle for help. “Don’t remember” is the usual reply. (Ask their wives – you might get somewhere.) You ask your friends next. For some reason you become more confused than before. “I think you should go here… ummm… maybe there is better. I’ll ask my roommate…” – Sounds Familiar?

Someone came over to me in yeshiva and asked me to show timelines of other peoples shidduch places. This would give others in the parsha a general idea of what’s accepted, what’s in, and what’s not.

Of course every situation is different, and a lot depends on the specific girl or boy and where they are holding after each date. Some people don’t like arcades or walking on a boardwalk. Sometimes you want to clarify a specific point and want a more toned down situation to help you focus. We just wanted to present a basic outline to get a general picture.

I labeled each timeline by “boy type”, and “girl from”. It also shows which season the parsha was in i.e. summer. I separated multiple places on a single date by a comma.

Feel free to send in your comments, suggestions, improvements, and of course your places.

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