Below find some important information about The Shidduch Shuk

We presented the places based on popularity and the impression we were getting on how good the place was for a date. The first page you see of a particular type of place in a specific region is usually the editors first choice. On the bottom of the page you will see a link to see more places, like this: **FOR MORE LOUNGES AROUND LAKEWOOD – CLICK HERE**This will bring you to a second page. These places are the editors second choice places. All places on the first or second pages are places that were given to us by the oilam.

A place with a yellow star before it means that from the impression we get from the oilam in yeshiva is that that particular place is more popular. This of course is only the impression of the editor and is not a fact of matter. 

A place with a green check like this : “ Verified” means that someone from yeshiva has visited the place on a date and has said it was a positive experience.

We present many places, submitted by a diverse crowd from yeshiva. Some places may not be appropriate for everyone. User discretion is advised.

All travel times are estimates which were taken off google maps. It is given as a way to compare the difference between two places. Usually it takes more than the stated time by a place to get there.

The Hechsher of a fast food or dining place or hours of any place can change at any given time for any given reason. If you are choshed about any particular place never hesitate to call them before to ask them about the hechsher or times of operation.

The size of a lounge is based on the perception of the individual that submitted the place. While it usually denotes the amount of seats available for a date, it can sometimes allude to the size of the lounge itself. 


The ShidduchShuk and Kosher Shidduch Info do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained and presented on or Kosher Shidduch Info. This includes, but is not limited to: Hours of operation, availability, seasonal activity’s and attractions, or location. We strongly suggest that you double check the information we have listed, by someone else or the establishment itself.

All places listed are for informational purposes only. The does not promote any particular business or attraction. Nor does it take responsibility for the hechsher of any pegisha place. This includes the food served or the attractions or atmosphere of any of the places listed herein. All places are listed at random or in alphabetical order.

We try our best to get the most accurate and up to date information about the places. However, we sometimes mess up. Please let us know if we do.