As it is, the shidduch places for in-town are placed on two separate pages. The first, being “the more suggested places”. The second page is usually for the unpopular and more out-of-the-box-type of places. It should be noted that placement of shidduch places are done based on the perception of the author. In addition the most popular places are usually noted by a yellow star.

The Places listed in these sections are mostly places that are well known or we have personally heard that someone from yeshiva had a date there. This doesn’t mean that every place is right for every person. Each individual should evaluate each place based on his “preference”. As throughout this site, user discretion is not advised but a must. Information provided is not guaranteed to be accurate, though we try to update it as much as possible.

Our new feature called TheRest® will provide additional places for you to choose from. These places for the most part were not “verified”. These are The best of TheRest®. Enjoy!