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The following places will be added soon. Please submit your comments and suggestions.

  • Westlight Lounge – Brooklyn
  • Food- Bubby’s Diner. Fleishig eat in/takeout. 970 Lawrence Avenue W. Open Sun-Tues till 8, Wed till 11, Thurs till 12 midnight. – Toronto
  • Hotel Lbi – Lakewood
  • Cafe Sheli, Prime on Avenue, Aish Tanoor, La bruit, La Bruit cafe, – Toronto
  • club quarters hotel manhattan 25 minutes from flatbush Lounges around Brooklyn
  • cloud one hotel 25 minutes from flatbush Lounges around Brooklyn
  • 8150 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740- Called the board and brew open till 11pm great for 3rd – 6th date- not expensive
  • Bites Cafe on Food around Monsey
  • Cinnaholic Sea Girt NJ JSOR Kosher Parve – Food around Lakewood
  • basil crown heights – Dining around Brooklyn
  • Shuls- The Thornhill Kollel. All weekday minyanim will take place at 601 Clark Ave. Different area than the other shuls – toronto
  • Prime on Avenue. Fleishig. Website- https://primeonavenue.com/ Address- 1960 Avenue Rd. North York, ON M5M 4A4. Phone number- 647-344-6099. Hechsher COR
  • Park Hyatt Toronto. 4 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON, M5R 2E8. Lounge. Approx 10-15 min from the boat shul.
  • shul: Sscm Shomrai shabbos Toronto Shidduch Places
  • Zagefen – Philadelphia Shidduch Places
  • Hubby’s New York diner Toronto Shidduch Places
  • American Dream – Passaic Shidduch Places
  • Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel 202 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202 – Baltimore Shidduch Places
  • The View restaurant – Lounges around Brooklyn
  • CN tower Toronto Shidduch Places
  • Little Island – Passaic Shidduch Places
  • lagondola – Los Angeles Shidduch Places
  • Doubletree by Hilton cherry hill 2349 West marlton pike, cherry hill, NJ also a good place he the bar is closed there is a vending machine on the second floor and bottled water by the front desk*If the bar is closed


  • Add a section for date itineraries, for 3rd, 4th, 5th dates, etc
  • Q: are there Lkwd homes girls can use for a pick up/drop off locations for dates? (Not for the date itself, but so roommates don’t see, etc) Tysm for all u do!
  • Humor
  • Halacha
  • Shidduch Stories
  • Shana Rishona Section / Places
  • Hi inregarding getting info on zmanim – through text to the number you have there- I want to let you know that it’s not for free anymore -try it when you text it a zip code it tells you either to pay $9 dollars a year to get unlimited texting or they give you a number that you can call to hear the zmanim(btw it would be a smart idea to either way put the number that you can call on the paper- so that those that don’t have texting have a way)
  • Also, you should have a map of each city with numbers marking approximate location.
    (This would be useful also for in-town locations for an out-of-towner like me)

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  1. There is many shuls in Toronto. It’s called Bubbys New York Diner. CN Tower is a good spot and there is many more spots and restaurants.

  2. Bowlero near Times Square has a parking garage right across the street, (also a 4 min walk from le Marias restaurant) has bowling and arcades, it’s a nice fresh place also alote less noisy than Dave and busters wich can be a big plus, has a couple of bars to get drinks, is open from 4 to11 on weekdays and 12 to11 on sundays (also bowlero in Chelsea pears)

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