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  1. are there any nice (moderately priced) restaurants near Bell Works (between Lakewood and Bell Works)?
    Or Ice Cream shop with hechsher

  2. does Hilton meadowlands and Embassy Suite Parsippany still let dates I see they are not on your passaic list?

  3. Hi, We called Takara restaurant as it is listed on your site. I just wanted to let you know that they are no longer kosher..

  4. How does parking work at the conrad? I heard you can pay the doorman 20 bucks and he’ll hold it for you. Anyone have info on that?

    1. Just pull up on front and go to the doorman, he will chap you’re on a date and just want to stay for a few hours, if not tell him you’ll be out in 2-3 hours.

    1. anyplace chilled with a bit more to do than just sitting… can bring games to a lounge or even jump to something like pottery painting… more mugs anyone??

  5. anyone been to arcades at pier village (boardwalk fun and games).. is the address listed on shidduchshuk the correct address?

    1. I am the type of guy who wears a hat in the street but not wearing a hat while sitting in the lobby would only mean youre normal, because youre sitting with some one for 2 hours. most people I know take their hat off by dates. look around a typical lobby where there are a few dates and most are not wearing hats.

  6. The conrad is awesome! It was easy to find free street parking! If you want to sit by the bar the girl must have ID

  7. Is it ok to take a girl from far rockaway to a dating spot in the five towns ? Or is it considered all one and they would be uncomfortable ? The places listed here are generally too far for me..

  8. Does anyone know if the Lounge by the Courtyard by Marriott is open to the public? And if not, do they enforce it (have they ever asked anyone to leave)?

    1. happened to me too went to the homewood suites instead. theyre nice there. no bar but definitely “works”

    1. There’s a place called “Lookin’ for Games” in Levittown, PA about 50 minutes away. You could also take a game along to a place like Bell Works or Whegmans.

    1. There is a nice Starbucks at The Shoppes at DePiero Farm outside of Monsey.
      It is located of the GSP in Montvale, NJ.

    1. You could try the South Mountain Reservation, near the Turtleback Zoo. It’s a big park with many different areas. Another option, Weequahic Park, is smaller but closer to Elizabeth.

  9. I have a shidduch in mind for one of my friends but would like to redt it anonymously. Is there any way I can do it ? (are there any shadchanim who are willing to do the hard work ?

    1. For sure! Shidduchim redt by close friends are often the most on-target ones. Try to find a shadchan whom you know to have a relationship/past experience with the boy, explain why you think it’s a terrific idea, and many shadchanim would be willing to suggest it as a “shidduch suggested by a friend who’d like to remain anonymous”. Hatzlacha!

    1. Also, they have events there all the time. You need to call ahead and make sure that there are no events. They are very friendly on the phone.

    1. You can also go to La Pizzeria. They have a fancy milchig restaurant attached, but I can’t remember the name. Same address and phone number.

    1. We don’t rent mini-vans yet. However, you can try calling our gracious sponsor ARIZ Car Rental at 732-367-2747.

      1. great place with semi private seating (tall couches) but on the smaller side so try to arrange for an earlier date (7:00) if you are planning on going there.


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