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Show Care But Not Affection

Part of Shidduchim 101 – Part 6 Obviously, it is inappropriate to show any affection before becoming engaged. However, caring is not affection. Caring means

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Show Yourself

Many times, a boy thinks that girls are looking for a certain stereotype, and tries to present himself in the image he assumes is expected

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Focus On Her

Part of Shidduchim 101 – Part 4 Some boys make the mistake of focusing conversation on showing themself off. The boy talks about his מעלות,

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Explain Your Actions

Part of Shidduchim 101 – Part 2 A girl who is on a date is very nervous. Everything the boy does is over-interpreted. Therefore, it

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Length of a Date

Part of Shidduchim 101 – Part 1 The point of a date is to get a better understanding of who the prospective match is. The

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