Below is a list of useful resources for shidduchim. If you have something to add, leave it in the comments or message us.

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  • Proposal Prop Rental – Call / Text Pro-pose at 732-806-9344.
  • Lev Chana Leah – Assistance to pay for date-related expenses –
  • Free Rental Car – Rental cars are now available to facilitate a shidduch for any boy who is a new arrival in BMG/BME/Rav Asher Weiss/Rabbi Goldenberg’s/Rabbi Leff/Rav Shustal, Strickmans/Bais Yosef etc. If it’s your first year back from Eretz Yisrael and the girl is over 21, OR if you (the boy) are in 4th year or below, text Shuey Greenspan at 732-569-0719. Cars are available from Lakewood, Brooklyn and Monsey. Available at ARIZ.
  • Shidduch Venue Assistance – Call/Text 732-523-0614 / 732-200-4900
  • Other Shidduch Resource Websites
  • Latest
  • Shailos – Bais Horah of Lakewood – 732-905-9992
  • Kashrus & Dining Websites,,
  • GPS Gemach – In refrigerator room on second floor of BMG 6th Street dorm (for BMG bochurim) or call: 732-901-1945 / 732-370-0793 / 732-961-2034 / 732-364-1154
  • Proposal Gemach –  Lakewood – 732-691-8574 | Brooklyn – 347-628-6079 | 5 Towns – TEXT 347-596-4892
  • Games To Play Or Use On A Date – located in refrigerator room on second floor of BMG 6th Street dorm (for BMG bochurim).
    Also, one block away from the Irv by BMG. One can text 732-267-5405 to pick up a game.
  • Teffilin Gemachs – 732-901-8891 / 732-364-3753 / 732-942-1876 / 732-363-5084
  • Car Services (If you don’t drive yet) – To see a list of car services click here.
  • Chidushim V’tziyunim Section – Share all your new pegisha places and pegisha combinations here.
  • Weather & Directions hotline from TellMe – (866) 895-3124 or At&t users can dial #121
  • GPS SMS – Text an address “to” another address to 732-994-6947
  • Hitching Spots – Using your parents’ car can sometimes be more economical than renting one. If your parents are from Brooklyn (or Monsey) you can hitch there pretty easily from the first entrance of Whispering Pines (Squankum Rd and Kennedy Blvd) You could also hitch back from Brooklyn at the end of Ft. Hamilton Ave right before the BQE (by the bus stop). 
  • Manhattan Parking – We recommend using when parking in NYC. It can save you between 30-70% on parking costs versus paying for a garage on the spot. The downside is that you can sometimes find parking on the street at a much lower cost. There are codes to use to get money off for your first park.
  • Minyanim & Z’manim Anywhere – If you are going out of town for a date and need to find a minyan, check out (new & improved). For the latest z’manim including mincha gedola and shkiah check out Alternatively, you can text any zip code of any location to 516-261-6262 and it will text back all z’manim relevant to that area.
  • Brochos Textline – On a date and forgot the brocha for a certain food? Don’t mumble a Shehakol or ask her for the brocha – text the name of the food to (612) Brochos or 612-276-2467. (tip: explain before texting)
  • Hadracha for Bochurim in BMG – R’ Glatzer 732-569-1039 R’Privalsky 732-608-1294
  • Kol Berama / music on phone – 712-432-3407 / 712-432-3405
  • Shidduch House – 732-363-7076 / 732-730-1796 / 732-370-6058 / 732-503-9345 / 732-5039343 / 732-370-7793 / 917-690-2275
  • Late Minyanim: LakewoodSatmar 405 Forest Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701 Brooklyn Shomer Shabbos 1280 53rd St, Brooklyn / Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin 2913 Avenue L, Brooklyn, NY 11210 / Ropshitz 1858 53rd st, Brooklyn, NY 11204 / Landaus 1202 E 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11230, NY 11219 MonseyViznitz 25 Phyllis Terrace, Monsey, NY 10952 / Scheiners 18 Forshay Rd, Monsey, NY 10952

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