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List of Games

Here is a growing list of games to play on a date:

  • BoggleMore Information
  • ScrabbleMore Information
  • BananagramsMore Information
  • Apples to ApplesMore Information
  • Perfect MatchesMore Information
  • Jenga (Tumbling Tower) – More Information
  • PictionaryMore Information
  • CodenamesMore Information
  • TabooMore Information
  • ScattergoriesMore Information
  • Settlers of CatanMore Information
  • Loaded QuestionsMore Information
  • The UngameMore Information
  • The 5-Second RuleMore Information
  • RummikubMore Information

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. I enjoy bananagrams as a game, but I don’t advise it if you want to have conversation. It requires to much thinking.

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