Here are a few points to know before using the ShidduchShuk:

  • To see all information about a place click the Read-More text next to it.
  • We try our best to get the most accurate information about each place as possible. However, since times, hechsheirim, parking etc. can change all the time, we highly recommend that you call the place ahead of time to confirm all the details. This is especially important when it comes to hotel lounges in order to know if there is an event that night or not. (btw – if you do notice a mistake, please submit it using the “submit correction” button.)
  • Places listed on the first half of the page (in-town locations) are mostly places which have been submitted directly by someone who has had a date there. 
  • Places which are marked with a yellow star () means that the place was submitted by multiple people. This does not necessarily mean that it is better or worse than the others. 
  • Places marked by a red exclamation point (!) means there is something important to know about that particular place. Usually it means that you should be aware that the place is “in the neighborhood” – in case you didn’t want to be “spotted”.
  • Places with MHT next to the name means it’s located in Manhattan.
  • The “Dining” category is for food establishments with waiter service as apposed to establishments in the “Food” category which do not.
  • Parking has three categories: 1) On-site free – either garage or lot in the immediate vicinity of place and free of charge. 2) On-site charge – garage or lot in intimidate vicinity with charge. 3) On street / garage – No parking on site.
  • Hechsheirim are taken mostly from the establishments or hechshers website. It is very important to verify the hechsher before you go as some places seem to change hechsheirim often.
  • Size of a place is the perception of whoever submitted the place and can vary from person to person. In general 2-4 couples is classified as small, 4-6 medium, and 6+ large.
  • Times for Brooklyn are based off google maps average time. For consistency we made March 10, 2020 – 7pm as our ‘depart time’.
  • Times for all other locations are based off google maps “depart at” mode lowest time and are intended for you to compare and get a general idea of how long it will take you to get there.
  • Starting places for our google maps sample time:

    • Brooklyn: Laundaus Shul
    • Lakewood: BMG
    • Monsey: Vizhnitz


  • The description is very often pulled off google.
  • If you see any mistakes, please do everyone a favor and submit it. You can save a lot of people a lot of headache and possibly heartache. Thanks.

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