Kosher Shidduch Info was started by like minded people to create a go to makom for all yeshiva pegisha info. This includes information about where to go on a date, like, lounges or arcades. But we also wanted to include things like car rentals and basic information about shidduchim, and shadchanim.  So we got to work and created The ShidduchShuk.

If your looking for a Shidduch Spot, Pegisha Place, or Shidduch place, around Brooklyn, Lakewood, or Monsey, for the Yeshiva Oilam  in and out of BMG then The Shidduch Shuk is YOUR Place. is currently in a testing phase. Release date: February 1st 2019 Please send feedback to 


The New Shidduch Spot Site was founded due to the void in pegisha places  and info websites specifically for the yeshiva community. This website was created out of BMG® to get the most up to date information on whats going on in the yeshiva shidduch world.

For The Yeshiva Oilam

Are you tired of going to a place for a date only to find out that its not appropriate or you get kicked out the minute you settle in? Yup, we know how you feel. That’s why at the ShidduchShuk every place is vetted and experienced by someone on our team. This gives you the comfort of mind not only before a date but during one as well.

Is There Something For Me?

There is something for almost every guy at the ShidduchShuk. We try to put up as much places as possible. However, the key is knowing which type of place to go. This of course varies, depending on what type you are i.e. more yeshivish, less yeshivish, balebatish, yeshivish balebatish, etc. Eventually, we will include a deeper explanation about this and guide, in our Inyanim Section stay tuned. If you don’t find what your looking for you can always check some other shidduch spot sites like Mekomos®  or  Pegisha Place®.  (you can click on them to go there directly)


We could have just put up a list of great places that our wonderful team checked out. But that wouldn’t be fun. You know the endless time put in trying to figure out when to come or how much money to bring along, or if there’s parking or not. So yes, we have all the information you need from start to finish to make your date run smoothly from start to finish.

I Never Did This Before…

In our experience meeting bochurim in yeshiva, not only those entering shidduchim for the first time, but even some seasoned veterans, we realized that most of them don’t have a clear grasp on many different dakisdik nedukodos of the shidduchim scene.  There are  a few yesodos that a bochur should know before going out for the first time. You could do the trial and error system that a lot of us guys did. However, we think being informed of some basics might make the parsha, hard as it is, easier. We would like to include in our inyanim Section some articles explaining these yesodos.


Most, if not all of the places currently on the site were visited personally by one of the members of our team or someone we know. This is to authenticate that the places listed are suitable for the yeshiva shidduch community both in kashrus and availability for pegishos.

What’s New?

At the ShidduchShuk we are constantly adding more and more places. If you don’t see the place you’re looking for check again in a few days (If your dates not tonight).

What’s Next?

Innovation is front and center at Kosher Shidduch Info. We have some really exciting plans for the future which will make it much easier for the oilam in shidduchim (isn’t that the point?). Also, we would like to add places out of town where guys could prepare before a date (Instead of the gas station bathroom). If you know of any places or info please send us a message. Thanks.

We hope your experience using this site is pleasant and easy. Remember to please send us feedback.

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