Hey guys! I figured I might have a page where I can just shmooze about totally random things. You know, share my mind, blow off some steam and everything in between (better be careful there). Feel free to drop comments in the box below or by sending me a pm (or is it dm?).

Anyway, If you love playing guitar like me, you gotta check out this cool website https://thejewishchords.com.

In other news, some guys are pushing me to add pages and ideas for Shana Rishona guys. What do you think?

I’m a little slow on the pickup, but I finally got around to adding all those cool apps from apps4flips to my phone. (Waze, voice commands, siddur, and best of all, tefilas haderech.) Was a lot of fun.

Another thing I enjoy besides The Shidduch Shuk is fixing cars. I try to update my collection of tools every few months. One of my best tools is my ratcheting wrenches which I bought from harbor freight.

Anything to add?

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